Save the date: 27 & 28 September 2022

The CareLab joins forces with researchers from CENSE to experiment with participatory methods and co-creation on campus. Here you can access the project’s presentation prepared for an internal competitive call for inter-and transdisciplinary research. Currently, we are in the preparation phase.
The outreach event will take place on 27 and 28 September 2022.

More infos and how to get involved soon!

Summer Term 2022

With the official launch of the CareLab on 02/02/2022, we started the first agenda about the CareLab’s initiatives for the months February – June 2022. A few activities were specifically directed at the community of NOVA School of Science and Technology / FCT NOVA, but others could be joined by anyone interested. Please see below our past events.

Past events


Here you can download a full course description.
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Anke, anthropologist, is part of the Re-Imaginary, a collective of practitioners and researchers exploring how creative methods can support deep change towards just and ecological cultures. Chris, an interdisciplinary sustainability scientist, advocates for inside-out sustainability and reconnecting with nature. Anke’s and Chris’ work have deeply inspired the creation of the CareLab. Join the conversation!

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Due to stormy weather forecast, the Deep Time Walk – planned for the Earth Day 2022, was postponed to 04 May 2022.
Join us for a walk of a different kind…
Have you ever noticed life around you? Have you ever thought about your life on this planet? In Deep Time Walk we will dive into the story of the Earth and travel across the 4.6 billion-year timeline at a rate of one million years per step. Starting at the formation of the solar system and the creation of Earth, Deep Time Walk covers significant events in Earth’s deep history, including the formation of the Moon, plate tectonics, the early evolution of life, dinosaurs and much more. The walk will put into context humanity’s rich ancestral heritage and give you an insight into the interconnectedness of all life.
This walk allows gaining new reflections about Planet Earth and the global climate emergency. Furthermore, it can surprise us about the place where we are working, studying and/or living, connecting us to the land in a different way we might be used to and discover new miracles at our footsteps.
Interested in knowing more about the Deep Time Walk? Listen to Stephan Harding’s episode on the Deep Time Walk at the Outrage + Optmism podcast!

Facilitated by Carolina & Antje.
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Meeting point: FCT campus, main entrance of the departmental building (next to metro stop)