Starting the week differently, with a more mindful approach to productivity and the manifold challenges that research and study inherently bring, that is the main idea behind the Mindful Mondays-project. Every Monday, from 07:30 – 08:00h (GMT, Lisbon time), we have a guided meditation for 15 min (in English), which is then followed by some minutes of silence for each one to write down some intentions for the week ahead and which can be shared with the group, if wished so.

While created as an offer for the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering from FCT NOVA, this group welcomes everyone interested. Currently, the group consists of PhD students, postdocs and researchers.

This project started on 30 September 2019 and has been running since then. Initiated by Antje Disterheft and Inês Cosme, both researchers at CENSE at that time, the meetings were first face-to-face at the faculty, and were adopted to an online format during the COVID19 pandemic.
The ideas for the CareLab were influenced by the Mindful Mondays sessions along the past two years.

Conference presentations in 2021

The CareLab was presented at the 27th ISDRS Conference on 14 July 2021. You can access the power-point presentation here.

The CareLab was also presented at the International Transdisciplinary Conference 2021 during 14-17 September 2021 with a photovoice project that was created during this year’s summer. We hope you enjoy the video!

Furthermore, the CareLab was presented at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2021 and at the 4th conference Sustainable Campus within the Portuguese Network Sustainable Campus (Rede Campus Sustentável).